Political Risk Analysis - Rubber Stamp Elections To Dash Political Reform Hopes - JUNE 2015

BMI View: Sudan's presidential and parliamentary elections, held from April 13-16 , amount to an exercise in rubber-stamping by the ruling National Congress Party and are a nail in the coffin for hopes of political reform. While political tensions will rise amid growing opposition momentum and conflict will persist in key trouble spots, the regime's grip on power, though weakened, will remain firm.

At Least Five More Years Of al-Bashir

Sudan's presidential and parliamentary elections staged on April 13-16 will bring little meaningful change to the political status quo, namely a further five years in office for 71-year old President al-Bashir who swept to power in 1989. With the main opposition parties boycotting the polls on the grounds that a National Dialogue needed to precede the polls, the other 30% of the seats look set to be won by parties that have either been vetted by or, in many cases, are closely affiliated with the NCP.

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